As Cincinnati’s brewing scene keeps growing at a breakneck speed, it’s hard to keep track of all the “in progress” projects around town.  That’s what this page is for.  Granted, because of how this all works, there is a chance that some of the plans that are layed out here (and other places) won’t actually happen the way that we hope they will.I’m sorry for that.But, regardless of the fact that sometimes I will add something to this list, only to have it disappear later on – that doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong here.  I want you, as a reader, to know about all the things that are happening (at least the ones that want you to know).  That’s half the fun of “coming soon” isn’t it?

Big Ash Brewing

Located in Anderson, Big Ash is hoping to get their doors open this year.  With a 7bbl system and plans for a full brewpub including booze – this is going to be a place that you’ll want to grab a table and hang out for a while.  They are playing around with an idea that they’re calling a ‘Fraternal Craft Brew Cooperative’ which I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about as things get a little closer to happening!

Cartridge Brewing Co

Located in Maineville in the new Peters Cartridge Redevelopment, this brewery has a 7700 square foot taproom planned.  The building is in a gorgeous setting, down in a secluded, wooded valley – and they will create a space that is unlike any other here in town when they get their doors open (they’re planning on a 2019 Grand Opening).

Esoteric Brewing

They’ve already started construction on the old Paramount building for a project that they are hoping takes the things that make a craft brewery so fantastic, and twists them on their head a bit.  They are wanting to create a taproom that is sophisticated and elevates everything from the taste expectations, to the very taproom experience itself.  Stay tuned, this one is going to be fun to watch!

Happy 2 Brewing

Located inside Mio’s in Anderson, this brewery is small, but delicious.  A nano brewery designed to serve people having craft beer with their dinner, they are getting extremely close to their “grand opening”.  Test batches are well under way and they are just waiting on some final details. Their final license approval is getting extremely close! A great addition to the east side of town, I can’t wait to see what they do for their customers.

HighGrain Brewing Co

This project is centered around Matt Utter, who you might remember form Christian Moerlein as well as being part of the Cincy Beer Fest crew.  They want to become Cincinnati’s most sustainable brewery and restaurant and hope to bring a new life to Silverton with an plan to bring beer and food together in one cohesive concept.  Their location is the Memorial Municipal Building at 6860 Plainfield rd.

Northern Row

Northern Row has been working to get their doors open for a long time, and their brewery/distillery is getting about as close as you can possibly be.  They are making beer, which you can find on tap around town and I wouldn’t be surprised to see an announcement of their grand opening any day now!

Off Track Brewing

The team at off track is brewing beer, and are ready to start serving OTR from their 5bbl brewhouse.  Their smaller scale brings a unique brewing experience to OTR and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got cooking! You can find a very limited amount of their beer on tap at the Dunlap Cafe – stay tuned for more news on their taproom!

Rebel Mettle Brewing

Taking place in the old Felsenbrau building, this brewery looks to embrace the history of Cincinnati’s brewing culture with a modern operation.  They hope to provide jobs for vets as well.  Work is being done on the space, and equipment is slowly starting to come in as we speak.