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Fifty West brands themselves not just with the beer that they brew, but with the experiences that you take part in while imbibing in that beer.  They’ve been around since 2012, making them one of the cities older breweries, but the’ve managed to keep reinventing who they are, while somehow still managing to double down on their core brand and solidifying that in the minds of their fans.

Think summer when you think of Fifty West.  They brew up a really amazing selection of easy drinking beer that goes down wonderfully while playing volleyball.  Don’t sleep on their barrel aged beers, though.  Sip away on some of their finest Imperial Stouts and Barleywine while sitting next to the fire pit on a cool evening… this place might have it all.

What’s 50 West Like?

There are two distinct spaces for Fifty West, although they are just on opposite sides of the same literal road – Route 50 in Mariemont (This is changing this summer, by the way – they’re adding a new brewpub out east in Chilicothe too!).

The Brewpub is the original space, and still captures the atmosphere that I will always associate with the brewery.  Low ceilings, dark wood, and those distinctive big colorful chalkboards along the taproom wall.  The bar has copper accents and a great line up of beer to suit whatever mood strikes you (or whatever food from their amazing menu that you order).  They have a fantastic beer garden on the back of the building which is one of my favorite places to have a beer on a summer night.

The Production Works facility across the street is anchored by their volleyball courts, canoe rental and biking center which makes up what I lovingly call ‘Fifty Westville’ a compound of outdoor experiences that makes up the brand of Fifty West.  The entire front and side of the building opens up with big garage doors making this one of the best “open air” breweries in Cincinnati.  I’ve heard it said many times that this a Denver Brewery that somehow found itself appearing in Cincinnati.  Go here if you want to hang out with your friends and get a little loud.

The Fifty West Brewery Timeline

  • 2008 – The Slattery family buys the house that will become the brewpub, and starts trying to figure out the perfect use for it.
  • November, 2012 – 50 West opens for business.
  • 2013 – The brewery hosts their first ever Fifty Fest, a festival that still continues at the brewery today.
  • September, 2013 – Fifty West expands with a new system to enable them to produce enough beer to keep up with demand.  Rumors of a hunt for a production facility start rumbling around town.
  • 2015 – The brewery steps into a new realm with their first sour release, Brett is my Co-Pilot as well as their first cans with a limited Fifty Fest can series (You can read about all their packaged releases here!)
  • 5/6/16 – The new production space, opens for business, on the same day that their 10&2 Barleywine won a gold medal at the World Beer cup (You can see all of Cincinnati’s brewery awards here)
  • 7/9/16 – The brewery hosts the first ever ‘Punch Out’, an event in which brewers from different breweries box each other… forever changing what it means to host a beer event in Cincinnati.  They also release their crowd pleasing ‘Punch You In The EyePA in bottles”
  • October, 2016 – Going Plaid, a scotch ale wins big with a bronze medal at that years GABF.
  • August, 2017 – Fifty West makes big news by hiring Scott LaFollette (formerly of Blank Slate) and Chris Siegman (formerly of Mt. Carmel, who eventually moved over to Sam Adams and their new Cincy taproom) solidifying their production team and setting the cards in place for their next big expansion.
  • October, 2017 – For the second year in a row, 50W wins big at GABF, this year for their most awarded beer to date, 10&2 Barleywine.
  • February, 2018 – While in the midst of a big production space growth, Fifty West Release their first ever regular release cans.
  • March, 2019 – The brewery makes the BA’s list of the Fifty fastest growing craft breweries in the country. (Read More)
  • April, 2019 – Fifty West announces the opening of their next brewpub in Chilicothe Ohio. (Read More)

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