All About Shumrick and Leys

Shumrick and Leys started out their life in a barn, but you wouldn’t know that now looking at their beautiful tasting room in Norwood.  A wall of barrels is featured on one side, with a massive live-edge bar on the other.  The middle of the room features a few big tables to gather with your friends around.

You’re going to want to gather, too – they have a full line of spirits available, including some that offer up some really unique twists on things that you’ll love.  Distiller Terry Shumrick has spent much of his career making wine, and he has incorporated that history into products such as his Bourvin, a whiskey aged in wine barrels.

The distillery features two separate copper pot stills, 100 and 200 gallons each, and they use them to create rum, vodka, and whiskey that is packed full of flavor that you can’t replicate on a “cleaner” column still.  Stay tuned – I’ll have a lot more about these guys coming in the future.

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