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Always on the lookout for new places to grab a drink, or to buy a bottle of something exciting, I am also always trying to keep up with adding them all to the site.  If you have any suggestions, please send them my way.  Keep in mind though, dear reader, this is a Cincinnati beer blog, so if your favorite bar has few to no locals on tap… don’t expect me to mention it here.

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  2. H

    Love your posts. Coming out to Cincinnati next week to spend Christmas with my daughter and her husband.
    If I only go to one bar (fat chance, I’ll go to several) while I’m there, what is the one bar I “must go to”.
    I’m a Guinness man but will experiment and especially loved your latest Christmas beer post. Will try to sample each one while I’m out there.
    Cheers, H
    ps – if you have time for a beer, be honored to drink one with you – 661.477.9910 cell

    • GnarlyGnome

      That’s a tough question – a lot depends on what part of town you’re going to be in. However, in general, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Finneytowns Lucky Turtle or Cliftons Brass Tap. My preference is always going to be any one of our breweries, though!

  3. Jon Niehaus

    Couple of things. First, I sit next to Dave Dixon of Braxton Brewing at work. Listened to the most recent podcast yesterday and told him he got a shout out on there, which he got a kick out of. He definitely appreciated it! (He hooked me up with some snow shovel too. Really good stuff!)

    Second, I am curious if you have ever come across any Banana Hammock beers. Apparently, its a couple of guys in West Chester brewing German-style beers. I had one at Mecklenburg Garden a couple of months ago (a Helles) and it was very good. Not much information out there on them, but curious if you’ve encountered them before/know any more about them?

    You’re doing a great job promoting and celebrating Cincy beer! Keep up the good work, sir!

    • GnarlyGnome

      I have heard of them… just found out that their beer was making its way around. They are contract brewing right now… I’ll be on it very soon!

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