Drinking with the Gnome is a departure from my comfort zone. I was blogging and podcasting about the exciting and quickly growing craft beer scene here in Cincinnati for a while before the nagging idea in the back of my head couldn’t be ignored any more.

What if I could take the idea for ‘The Gnome’ and use it to showcase the excitement and the community that you find with spirits too? What if you had a place to learn about the bars in Cincy? Curious about Cider? Me too… Drinking goes a lot deeper than just beer, and it’s time that ‘The Gnome’ heads down that rabbit hole!

Drinking With The Gnome is a weekly show, posting every Sunday night (so that you’ve got an episode ready to go on Monday morning for your drive to work) and we’ll dive deep into it all – the people, the places and the drinks that make drinking in Cincinnati so much freaking fun!