Swine City’s Anniversary And Bottle Release

Butler County and more specifically Fairfield had been desperate for something to call their own for a long time (when it comes to the brewery world). We’re a part of town packed with craft beer fans (have you seen how crowded a Jungle Jim’s pint night can get?), yet for a while, we had to […]

DogBerry Celebrates Four Years – And A Bottle Release

If you have asked me for a brewery recommendation in the recent past, I can almost guarantee that I have told you that you need to hit up DogBerry in West Chester. It’s not just that I think they’re making some really great stuff lately (which I do), I think it’s insane to talk to […]

Street Corner Karate and Barrel Thieves – A Brink Release You Need To Know About

Before we dig the details of these beers (or the beers that have been announced from this project so far), I have to share a little bit of the backstory – only because it’s so phenomenal. The idea for these beers started as an idea from The Party Source. They reached out to Brink to […]

Cincinnati Beer Release Roundup – December 2018

It’s another new month, which means another full list of beer releases that you most likely are having a hard time keeping up with!  No worries Cincinnati… the Gnome is here to help with that!  I keep a running list each month of every packaged release from one of our fantastic breweries around town.  I […]

Grainworks Keeps Spreading It’s Wings – 2019 Is Going To Be Big

The first year of business has been a great one for Grainworks.  As a new brewery, you get to open your doors, introduce people to your brand and your beer, and you get to showcase why you should become their go-to spot (or at least one in the rotation of go-to spots).  You get to […]

Cincinnati Beer Release Roundup – October, 2018

It’s officially fall – there isn’t any escaping that now, which means that yes, while I am going to miss the warmth of Summer sunshine, we are going to be diving headfirst into my favorite drinking season, now.  Octoberfests are filling my fridge, and will soon start making way for some delicous pumpkin beers alongside […]

Cincinnati Beer Release Roundup – September, 2018

The hits keep coming – the cans keep filling our fridges with each release!  There’s a lot of beer releases around Cincinnati to keep track of, which is why I put these Roundup Posts together – so you don’t have to try to keep track of it all alone! As always, if you see packaged […]

A Paradise Bottle Release

If you missed the first bottle release from Paradise Brewing I feel terrible.  I mean, it’s not completely my fault.  After all, I did tell you that Wrath of the Tsar was worth your hard-earned time and money for a lot of reasons that didn’t even touch the fun little hats that the bottles were […]

Fibonacci – Another Year Older… And They’re Growing, Releasing Bottles.

Fibonacci might not really be getting “Bigger”, I think we all know by this point that they’re nano and pretty proud of it. They’re certainly growing a little bit, though.  If your internet connection is working properly and you have been paying attention, I’m sure that you’ve read about their expansion plans by now.  I […]

The Nine Giant Anniversary Celebrations Begin, Plus Bottles!

Nine Giant is not pulling the punches for the celebration of their second anniversary.  Hot off the recent announcement of their new expansion (which you can read about here) they are tapping a line up of delicious beers that will have their regulars as well as new visitors salivating.  As if that wasn’t enough – […]

Municipal Brewing Company Preps For Their 2nd Anniversary Weekend

It’s not always enough to plan an anniversary party to take place on one day, sometimes you need to set aside a whole weekend to get all the festivities in – and for Municipal Brew Works – their second anniversary is gearing up to be the “whole weekend party” sort of event.  They’ll be closing […]

Braxton Labs Celebrates Their First Anniversary This Weekend

I know that we’re just now rolling out of the weekend, and headed back to work, but it’s never too early to start planning for the next weekend.  If you’re looking for some good beer events to add to your calendar you might want to look into swinging by Braxton Labs in Newport where they’ll […]