Braxton Labs Plans New Format For Releases In 2019

If you thought that the branding for the recent release of Braxton’s Cherry Turnover Berliner at Labs looked a little different, you were right. We got the final word today that things are being spruced up a little bit in the release department at Braxton’s “innovation facility”. I wanted to take a peek at the […]

Taft’s Looking At A Rebrand For Their Packaging?

These label releases have been “out in the wild” for a little while now, but I haven’t seen anyone mention something that I thought was worth noting a little bit. It’s a design rebrand. It’s interesting for the beer nerd, and the design geek inside of me to watch as brands grow and spend a […]

Fifty West Cans, Distribution, A New Generation

It’s an exciting time for anyone who has been drinking craft beer in Cincinnati for a while.  The more that I think about it, actually, it’s an exciting time for anyone who drinks beer in Cincinnati, period.  For those of you who have found places around town that you call your “spot”, that you frequent […]

A New Listermann Brewing Company

It’s time for Listermann to grow up a little bit.  I don’t mean that in any negative light – it’s just that Listermann as a brewery, as a brand, as a space has by the very nature of a brewery that opened before you were allowed to have taprooms in Cincinnati, and as a company […]

Are We Looking At A Rivertown Branding Refresh?

It’s been a big year for the veteran Rivertown Brewing Company.  They finally opened their doors to a facility that in my eyes finally starts to complete the vision of what Rivertown was supposed to look like from the beginning, back in 2009. If you haven’t been up to Monroe to see the new facility, […]

Exciting Can News Out Of Moerlein

When Moerlein announced that they would be installing their own canning line as part of their big expansion, we knew that it would mean good things for not only their limited releases, but for their core line-up as well.  This morning we’re finally starting to see some of those changes come out, and I’m really […]

Redefining What Mt. Carmel Looks Like

They’ve been around since the beginning of this new wave of Cincinnati craft brewing, but redefining what Mt.Carmel looks like is something that has only recently started to pick up some major steam for the east side brewery.  This is a big picture… not just the new, bright and flashy labels that you’re going to […]