04-31 – Dark Charge Day!

There are a lot of beer releases in Cincinnati.  It’s the great part of having as many breweries that we do – you get a lot of beer to go along with that.  It also means that when there are releases or events that are “different”, they stand out that much more than they would […]

The Great American Beer Rush

It’s an event born out of the spirit of competition, collaboration and a little splash of creativity thrown in.  Fifty West and Taft’s are teaming up this coming weekend for an event that I couldn’t help resist sharing with you because it sounds so fun.  They’re calling it the Great American Beer Rush. What Is […]

Hops In The Hangar – Airplanes And Beer? Awesome.

I don’t know if it’s the kid in me, loving anything that flies, or if it’s the science geek the lies somewhere deep down, still fascinated by the science of flight – but I’ll be damned if there isn’t just something about airplanes.  I love them.  It’s no surprise, then that I’m excited about Middletown’s […]

Cincinnati Beer Release Roundup – April 2018

I’m a little late getting this out for April, but it’s the start of a new series I’m going to try to get up here once a month for you.  The calendar here gets more and more hectic as brewery’s not only keep opening, but keep adding new and often innovative events that we try […]

North Vs South Tap Takeover

It’s that time of year, you know.  It’s time to take a step back, have a pint and give back a little bit.  I’ve mentioned it in the past, but one of the things that makes the craft beer community so great is its ability to pull itself together into one massive force, and give […]