New Glassware From Tank Mansfield/Kneel To No One

While this might not really be about one of our local breweries – it is most definitely about local beer. You probably know Anthony “Tank” Mansfield from either his time spent in a couple local taprooms or from the artwork that he’s done in a couple of them around town. (That sweet mural at Fibonacci? […]

Are You Ready? More Trunk Series!

MadTree.. Oh MadTree.  Throw the name MadTree out there and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like what the brewery is doing.  They have been tearing it up lately with not only their draft releases in the taproom, their can announcements for the coming year (that we’ve heard so far) but the […]

Taste Design – An Intro To Sahm Glassware

It takes a lot of different people to breathe life into the beers that we take for granted, and I love showing my gratitude and respect for some of these “other” sides of the beer industry as much as I possibly can. I haven’t hid the fact that I’m a self described glassware-geek when I’ve […]

Geeking out over Braxton’s new beer glass?

  Photo Courtesy of Braxton Brewing Company  If you haven’t been paying attention, Braxton is launching their first lager this afternoon called ‘Twisted Bit’.  This Dortmunder is going to be a great fit into a craft beer market that at times is very lacking of great lagers, and while that’s all fine and dandy, and […]

Beer Glassware – The How And The Why

I have written a lot about glassware, and you’ll see that on social media too I’m often a pretty big proponent for “proper glassware” when it comes to serving our craft beer… But why? Is there really science behind all this? If you talk to some of the big glassware companies, they’ll certainly tell you […]

Beer Glassware: What Do I Need?

This is the glasses that in my opinion you need to have under your bar if you are a self respecting beer geek.  This is far from being a complete list of every beer glass, and as you go on into this world of geek-dom, I am sure you will acquire, as I have, way […]