04-31 – Dark Charge Day!

There are a lot of beer releases in Cincinnati.  It’s the great part of having as many breweries that we do – you get a lot of beer to go along with that.  It also means that when there are releases or events that are “different”, they stand out that much more than they would […]

Prepare Yourself For Braxton’s 2018 Dark Charge Release.

I am the leader of the movement to get Dark Charge Day officially made a national holiday for a couple of simple reasons.  First – I love this beer.  As an open lover of big, roasty, chocolatey stouts – this one is definitely one of the best in the city.  When you pair an incredible […]

Fretboard’s First Packaging Release

I can only assume that you’ve seen this news already – afterall, social media has had a nice little buzz about it since it was first announced, and I also added it to the Big September 2018 Beer Release post that I know you’ve been keeping your eyes on… but just in case, I wanted […]

A Day In The Upside Down Firkin Fest

Now that you’ve read all about Firkins from Craft Beer Joe (you got my hint there, right?  Go read it) I think it’s time you hear about an event that I’m taking place in, that you should probably not just be interested in, but start planning on attending for a beer or two. It all […]

Rivertown Set To Get Some New Releases Out In The Wild!

It was only a matter of time, with Rivertown moving into their big new production facility in Monroe almost a year ago, we’re finally starting to see the fruits of their labor in a big way.  I told you about the debut of their beloved Roebling Nitro in cans, but that’s just the tip of […]

‘Nati Dread Day – Kevin Moreland Settles In To Fretboard

This is a really fun event, because to me, it’s the first little nugget of Kevin Moreland “coming back” to brewing here in Cincinnati.  I suppose before I dig into this new beer, called ‘Nati Dread, I need to catch you up, in case you just got back from a nice tropical vacation and missed […]

Brink Brewing Company’s First Bottle Release – Get The Details!

I hope that you’ve been paying attention enough to know that College Hill’s Brink Brewing Company is preparing to host their first ever Bottle Release this Saturday, January 13th.  As the event quickly approaches I wanted to not only make sure that everyone knows about it, but that everyone’s got the full skinny on what […]

FigLeaf Barrel Aged Black Solstice

Brewery – FigLeaf Beer – Barrel Aged Black Solstice Style – Imperial Stout ABV – 10% Barrel Aged Black Solstice Imperial Stout has warm inviting notes of chocolate, raisins, and molasses that creates a smooth voluptuous body. You might remember tasting this sumptuous beer from last year’s winter solstice, where it has been patiently aging […]

Vol 03 – Episode 21 – The Wrath of the Tsar, Live from Paradise

It’s been well over a year since we’ve done a show with the incredible people at Anderson’s Paradise Brewing, and what perfect timing to find our way back to their remodeled taproom to do another show?  The brewery was hosting their first ever bottle release the day we recorded, and it made for some fun […]

Paradise Wrath Of The Tsar

Brewery – Paradise Beer – Wrath of the Tsar Style – Russian Imperial Stout ABV – 10.5% Thank you for purchasing our first bottle release.  We know you will enjoy our smooth, dark, malty classic.  This is our Russian Imperial Stout, aged in locally sourced whiskey barrels for 6 months.  Serve at room temperature with […]

Wrath Of The Tsar – Paradise Brewing’s First Bottle Release

The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming!!! Don’t worry, this is good news for any of you red-blooded Americans, though.  The Russians aren’t here to steal any of our secrets, or to ‘break’ our beloved Rocky Balboa, these Russians are big, bold, and delicious.  They’re also wearing tiny little hats.  If you haven’t figured […]

Streetside The Demogorgon

Brewery – Streetside Beer – The Demogorgon Style – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout ABV – 13.1% Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hill Barrels This beer is the result of taking the brewery’s “Where’s Barb?” Imperial Stout and stashing it away in heaven hill barrels for a while.  To keep rolling with the Stranger Things references, […]