Braxton Labs Plans New Format For Releases In 2019

If you thought that the branding for the recent release of Braxton’s Cherry Turnover Berliner at Labs looked a little different, you were right. We got the final word today that things are being spruced up a little bit in the release department at Braxton’s “innovation facility”. I wanted to take a peek at the […]

The OFF Market Returns to MadTree

MadTree 2.0 is the perfect space for a lot of things, and the O.F.F. Market is definitely one of those things.  The Market will be returning to the brewery and setting up shop inside to provide a space for Artists, bakers, chefs, scavengers, mobile boutiques, and everything in between to share their goods. The Market […]

Vol 03 – Episode 07 – Braxton Labs, It’s Braxton…But Very Different

Braxton Brewing Company opened up their second location, and they did it in a way that is unheard of here in Cincinnati.  They didn’t go bigger, they went smaller, purchasing the old Ei8ht Ball space located inside the party source.  What sort of show would this be if we didn’t get them to sit down […]

Vol 03 – Episode 05 – The Culture of Innovation

This week I was joined by Dave Dixon and Jon Covey, two homebrewers-turned-innovation brewers for Braxton Brewing company. I wanted to try to capture a little bit of their journey, and what it means to have a brewery that operates with a culture of innovation. It’s all relevant with the recent news of Braxton’s expansion […]

Braxton Is Opening The Braxton Labs

It’s not all doom and gloom after Ei8ht Ball closes their doors in early April.  Braxton Brewing company announced today that they’d be buying the space for what they’re calling the ‘Braxton Labs’.  This new space will bee all about innovation – housed in the brewery space deep inside the heart of Party Source in […]