Volume 4 – Episode 36 – Solo, But Not So Solo, Snowed In, But Not So Snowed In?

I thought this was going to end up being a solo show, drinking a beer or two and telling you about it after being snowed in for a weekend. It turned out that The Beercat came through and gave me a quick rundown of this years Jungle Jim’s Barrel Aged Beer Bash that I missed […]

Jungle Jim’s Is Preparing For 2019 Barrel Aged Beer Bash

This event gets better and better each year, and bigger and bigger with each passing year as well.  It’s quickly become one of the largest celebrations of barrel aged beer that you’ll find across the country with more than 100 barrel aged beers from all over the world being poured.  The Barrel Aged Beer Bash […]

Jungle Jim’s 2018 Barrel Aged Beer Bash

I don’t go to every beer festival that is held in Cincinnati.  Time is a precious commodity and it seems like not all of them are worth me setting aside a whole evening to attend, by a far margin.  However, there are a few that I try as hard as I can to never miss […]

Vol 03 – Episode 13 – The Jungle Jim’s Buckeye Beer Bash

I have a love for Jungle Jim’s, both from the Brewcast’s perspective (we’ve been there a few times for live shows now) and from a beer drinker’s perspective.  It’s a store that is unlike any other – especially if you’re looking for somewhere to buy some beer.  In addition to them being a fantastic, world […]

The 2017 Jungle Jim’s Beerfest Quickly Approaches!

I get asked a lot about my favorite brewery, or my favorite beer in this city – and my answer is always as vague and indecisive as possible.  It’s too hard to choose favorites in a city that is so diverse, full of beers that are so delicious, especially when it comes to something that […]

Vol 02 – Episode 39 – Live at the Jungle Jim’s Barrel Aged Beer Bash

Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield Ohio knows how to do a lot of things very well.  One of those things is beer festivals.  For this episode we set up a table right in the heart of their big Barrel Aged Beer Bash to talk all things barrel aged beer (and maybe drink a few of them […]

Jungle Jim’s 2017 Barrel Aged Beer Bash

This event started small.  I mean… how many people were going to show up for a tasting of a bunch of barrel aged beers?  But Jungle Jim’s was on to something back in 2014.  The event that was christened the Barrel Aged Beer Bash grew, and kept growing.  It’s funny… all of the reasons that […]

Volume 02 – Episode 37 – Welcome To The Jungle Jim’s Tasting Bar!

It’s a hard place to explain to someone who hasn’t been there, but Jungle Jim’s is home to me.  While we set up this show to give us a chance to talk about their upcoming Barrel Aged Beer Bash, we had to explore what makes Jungle Jim’s what it is.  How can you take a […]

Cincy BrewCast Episode 24 – Smokin’

Smokin’, Live at Jungle Jim’s Cigar Festival I know, I know… I can hear you already, through the computer screen.  What is a craft beer podcast doing at a cigar festival?  Have we lost our minds?  The truth is that we had been talking about a show similar to this for a long time, and […]

A Jungle Jim’s Beer? Sure! I’ll take it!

It’s hard to argue the powerhouse that Jungle Jim’s International Market has become.  There are few stores that can rival the selection that both the Eastgare and “flagship” Fairfiled store have on hand, and this coupled with the low priced and constantly rotating growler/ tasting bars at each store have really set the store(s) apart […]

Event of the Week – Jungle Jim’s International Beer Fest

There are more and more beer festivals around Cincinnati as each year goes by, and there isn’t any reason to think that’s a bad thing.  In my mind though, there is still one beer fest that sits above the rest, it’s one of the longest running, and best run festivals here in the city and […]

Why aren’t you drinking a beer with that cheese?

You heard about it here first… or rather on twitter and Facebook last month when I started hinting that this would happen after a little mouse told me…  Jungle Jim’s will be host to their first (and hopefully not last) beer and cheese pairings this spring at the Fairfield location. At first mention most people […]