Rolling Mill Prepares For First Can Release

I have talked before about Rolling Mill is about a lot more than just gluten-free beer. I don’t want that idea to get lost as you watch these guys grow, because it’s easy to do. There aren’t a lot of options for people who can’t (or choose not to) include gluten in their diet, which […]

Volume 4, Episode 38 – That One Time In Newport, With Figleaf

The story is epic, and the ending is exactly how you expect it to be when someone attempts to get to 38 breweries in one day. Now, there is a beer to commemorate the most epic Cincinnati beer tour of all time. I can’t even begin to thank FigLeaf enough for making this beer, called […]

Volume 4 – Episode 18 – Figleaf, For Their Fans

It’s an fascinating growth story, that of FigLeaf.  A brewery that is trying to bridge the gap between Dayton and Cincinnati, fill a vacant hole in their location of Middletown, Ohio and start bringing beer people back to Butler County all the while navigating the waters of an increasingly busy craft beer market locally.  Growth […]

Hops In The Hangar – Airplanes And Beer? Awesome.

I don’t know if it’s the kid in me, loving anything that flies, or if it’s the science geek the lies somewhere deep down, still fascinated by the science of flight – but I’ll be damned if there isn’t just something about airplanes.  I love them.  It’s no surprise, then that I’m excited about Middletown’s […]

Rolling Mill Announces Opening Date

They’ve been working non-stop to get their taproom ready, and after final approval on their last inspection Rolling Mill Brewing company in Middletown has announced that they’re ready to open their doors.  The timing is pretty fantastic if you’ve got family in town for the holidays (I know when that happens in my house, we […]

Vol 03 – Episode 22 – Getting To Know Rolling Mill Brewing Company

I hope that you’ve been watching the folks up in Middletown’s Rolling Mill Brewing Company, because as 2017 starts to wind down they’re kicking things into high gear and hoping to have their doors open before the new year.  When I first wrote about the brewery they were still working on getting the space ready, […]

FigLeaf Barrel Aged Black Solstice

Brewery – FigLeaf Beer – Barrel Aged Black Solstice Style – Imperial Stout ABV – 10% Barrel Aged Black Solstice Imperial Stout has warm inviting notes of chocolate, raisins, and molasses that creates a smooth voluptuous body. You might remember tasting this sumptuous beer from last year’s winter solstice, where it has been patiently aging […]

Figleaf WasteTimer

Brewery – FigLeaf Beer – WasteTimer Style – American Pilsner ABV – 4.8% IBUs – 33 Rich medium golden color with snow-white dense lacy head. Classic sea-breeze Saaz hop aroma with subtle underlying cucumber skin and light citrus notes supported by clean bready pilsner malt aromatics. Greets the palate with assertive but smooth noble hop […]

Figleaf’s First Anniversary Party

It’s been a year, folks!  Figleaf Brewing company has been working their butts off to help bridge that gap between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio to turn our craft beer scene into something spectacular.  I think it’s about time that we venture up to the great white north of lower Middletown to show them our support! […]

Figleaf Isotrope

Brewery – Figleaf Beer – Iso-trope Style – IPA ABV – 7.2% IBU – 68 What’s in a name? “Iso” refers to iso-alpha acids, the primary bittering compounds contributed by hops. “Trope” is a wink at the notion that some people say that American IPAs are an overplayed trope of a beer style. Designed to […]

Figleaf Basmati Cream Ale

Brewery – FigLeaf Beer – Basmati Style – Cream Ale ABV – 5.1% IBU – 26 Inspired by local home-brewing legend Ted Holloway, our Cream Ale uses basmati rice to impart a subtle yet distinct almost white-popcorn basmati aromatic note. Grounded by a base of Pilsner malt and just enough Liberty hops to balance, this […]

Rolling Mill Brewing Co – The War Against Wheat and Gluten Is Missing The Whole Point.

Ok, so maybe the fact that Middletown’s upcoming Rolling Mill Brewing Company will be brewing all of their beers free of gluten is a big part of their story.  I can’t pretend that it doesn’t shape who they are to a large degree.  If you think that they are a gluten free brewery that happens […]