Braxton Labs Plans New Format For Releases In 2019

If you thought that the branding for the recent release of Braxton’s Cherry Turnover Berliner at Labs looked a little different, you were right. We got the final word today that things are being spruced up a little bit in the release department at Braxton’s “innovation facility”. I wanted to take a peek at the […]

Braxton Introduces (ReIntroduces?) Tropic Flare As A Year Round NE IPA

Braxton, and their experimental, innovation facility called Braxton Labs have been hard at work for more than a year at this latest release – and today they finally made the announcement that Tropic Flare is returning… only this time as a familiar NE IPA to those of us who have been drinking as much Braxton […]

Fifty West Releases Part Two Of Their “A Long Strange Journey” Series.

The latest Hazy IPA to hit cans at the Fifty West production facility is set to do so as the second installment of their “A Long Strange Journey” series.  The beer is called ‘Lemon’ – and if you managed to snag a pint of this sucker when it was on tap around town, you’ll know […]

Rhinegeist’s Hazy Series

I hinted that it was coming – sort of.  While I might have let you know that there have been a couple beers in the works from Rhinegeist, the idea of a continuing series surprised me more than it probably should have. Rhinegeist has been experimenting with the idea of hazy, or NE IPAs for […]

Volume 04 – Episode 08 – What’s Happenin’ Cincy?

There’s always a ton of things going on in this city, events… releases… beer drama.  It doesn’t matter which week you explore, each one is as exciting as the previous.  This is what makes an episode like this fun.  Due to a short notice cancellation, I had to scramble to put this show together (without […]

Rhinegeist’s Feeling Good To Hit Pint Cans?

It got a few Rhinegeist fans (and Castle Island fans) pretty excited when the Cincinnati powerhouse teamed up to brew a beer with the young, Boston-based Castle Island.  The excitement only continued to build momentum when we heard that the collaboration was going to be a 8.5%, 50 IBU juice bomb of a NE IPA […]

A Sneak Peek At This Year’s Rhinegeist Anniversary Beer

Every year Rhinegeist releases a new beer to celebrate their anniversary – these beers are themed to not just how old they are, but to the party that goes along with their anniversary.  It’s what makes taking a little sneak peek at the label for their anniversary release so much fun – it gives us […]

Fifty West’s Million Dollar Road Hazy IPA Release – You Don’t Get Fresher Than This!

You’ve heard people complain about getting beer off the shelf of their favorite local shop before, only to get home without checking the date to find out that it’s been sitting there for a little too long.  If freshness is important to you, you won’t be able to do much complaining with Fifty West’s latest […]

MadTree’s Sensorium Series

The teasing and hints about what this taproom only series of MadTree might be are finally letting up and we’re getting a glimpse at how MadTree is going to turn the idea of a dual beer release on its head.  The brewery doesn’t like to just do things for the sake of doing things, and […]

Volume 3 – Episode 29 – DogBerry. Cans, Haze, And Staying The Same

It’s been way too long since I’ve done a show at West Chester’s DogBerry Brewing Company.  This brewery has been a fun one to watch over the last year, as they’ve grown from being a nano brewery into a neighborhood gathering spot, pumping out 20 unique taps from their shiny new 10bbl brewhouse, and they’re […]

Rivertown Set To Get Some New Releases Out In The Wild!

It was only a matter of time, with Rivertown moving into their big new production facility in Monroe almost a year ago, we’re finally starting to see the fruits of their labor in a big way.  I told you about the debut of their beloved Roebling Nitro in cans, but that’s just the tip of […]

Christian Moerlein – A Month of Releases!

Woah… so if you’ve been getting antsy for new cans to hit the shelves from Christian Moerlein, this is going to wind up being a really good month for you.  I’ve written about all three of these (yeah, they’re releasing three beers in cans this month) separately, but we’ve got dates on them all now, […]