Volume 4 – Episode 36 – Solo, But Not So Solo, Snowed In, But Not So Snowed In?

I thought this was going to end up being a solo show, drinking a beer or two and telling you about it after being snowed in for a weekend. It turned out that The Beercat came through and gave me a quick rundown of this years Jungle Jim’s Barrel Aged Beer Bash that I missed […]

Cincy Brewcast Volume 2 Episode 12 – Rivertown Breaks Ground and The Brewer’s Open

Two Big Topics, One Show We had Cincy Brewcast Volume 2 Episode 12 planned with local beer brat guru, Chef Tony, about his charity golf outing called the Brewer’s Open. We soon realized that it was scheduled to take place on the same day at Rivertown Brewing was going to be doing their groundbreaking ceremony […]

Rivertown Soulless

Brewery- Rivertown Beer- Soulless Style- Scarlet Sour Ale ABV- 5.4% IBU- 20 A sultry, voluptuous, scarlet hued ale brewed to seduce with velvety, sweet notes of toffee and caramel paired with a provocative lactic finish all wrapped up in a racy, estery bow. Soulless will tease the senses with unexpected and unique flavors celebrating the life lesson […]

MadTree Spearheads Taste of Cincinnati Beer Changes

The news about this came out yesterday, but I found it fitting to write about it today, seeing as today is also the official groundbreaking for MadTree 2.0 (Their big, amazing, massive, incredible expansion).  When Brew Professor wrote about the “issues” surrounding last years Taste of Cincinnati beer selection, it was near impossible to predict […]

Cincy Brewcast Episode 49 – Cincy Beer Week Draft Event

The Event This was a really fun show for us to do… Cincy Brewcast Episode 49 was hectic… chaotic… long… plagued with technical difficulties…but it was a freaking blast.  You might be a little familiar with the Cincy Beer Week draft event from when I talked about it previously, so I won’t go into a […]

Some New Approvals To Wet Your Whistle

Label approvals always come with this disclaimer… only because I never want to be that guy that gets people all riled up about something that might not happen, and that’s the truth about labels as they get approve through the ttb… they could happen… but they might not.  Certainly, with a lot of them, they […]

The Great Miami Hop Project: Episode 1

Rivertown ended their year with quite the ruckus here in Cincinnati.  When they announced that they’d be building a production/brewpub facility up in Monroe to the tune of a big 32,000 square foot building with a 50bbl brewhouse pushing beer out to 40 taps, it was a welcome surprise to many of their fans here in […]

Cincy Brewcast Episode 34 – Rivertown

Cincy Brewcast Episode 34 takes place right on the heels of the massive announcement of Rivertown Brewing’s expansion, which will see them building a massive facility in Monroe, Ohio.  I wish I could say that after they made the announcement, they rushed over to get on the air with us, so that Cincinnati might here […]

Big Changes For Rivertown.

If you haven’t read elsewhere yet, Rivertown is being bought out…. By Rivertown.  Jason Roeper is buying out long time partner Randy Schlitz in a move to turn the brewery from “local brewery” to a “regional brewery”.  The move will allow Roeper to focus more on the styles of beer he feels seperate the brewery […]

Local Pint Nights Coming Up!

If you have ever read my blog before, or any of my tweets, you might be aware that I have a small obsession with Jungle Jims.  They have pint nights every week which are amazing, but every once in a while they will have one of our beloved local breweries on hand to dish out […]