Fifty Wests Heads Coast To Coast With Their New Beer Dinner Series

I don’t talk about every event that happens in Cincy Beer – there are too many of them – heck, there are too many great events to just talk about those, even. Because of this, you should know that when I do bring an event up it’s something that I really, really think you need […]

Rhinegeist’s Hazy Series

I hinted that it was coming – sort of.  While I might have let you know that there have been a couple beers in the works from Rhinegeist, the idea of a continuing series surprised me more than it probably should have. Rhinegeist has been experimenting with the idea of hazy, or NE IPAs for […]

MadTree’s Sensorium Series

The teasing and hints about what this taproom only series of MadTree might be are finally letting up and we’re getting a glimpse at how MadTree is going to turn the idea of a dual beer release on its head.  The brewery doesn’t like to just do things for the sake of doing things, and […]

The Return of Summertrip, and The Start of the Trip Series

Summertrip hits home with fans of Braxton each year as the weather starts to warm.  It’s a sign of things to come, the warmth of spring and summer, but it’s also a really freaking delicious beer.  Imagine the joyous glee then from these Berliner fans as they recently learned that the Covington brewery is using […]

Streetside’s One Hit Wonders Series

You know them.  You might secretly (or not so secretly) love them even as they get stuck on repeat in your head.  They’re songs that explode onto the scene only to fade off into the sunset just as quickly.  They immediately bring forth memories of where you were in your life when they were released. […]

Christian Moerlein’s Anniversary Beers

Christian Moerlein does things a little differently.  They spend a lot of time trying to balance the history that the name ‘Christian Moerlein’ brings along with it, while still kicking things into new gears and innovating in the manner that modern craft beer expects them to.  These two sides of Moerlein are honored every year […]

Braxton’s Garage Series

Braxton Brewing Company’s Garage Series Braxton Brewing company has said time and time again how much they value variety in the beer the you’ll find in their taproom down in Covington, Kentucky.  They call the series of beer that salutes this variety their Garage Series.  The series is where you’ll find all of the fun experiments […]