Volume 4, Episode 37 – Streetside, The Demogorgon and Masthead

This week’s episode of Cincy Brewcast was recorded live, on location at Streetside Brewing Company with Garrett Hickey. It was an exciting Monday as the brewery helped their friends at Cleveland’s Masthead Brewing celebrate their one year anniversary with a satellite party by tapping three of their beers. It’s been a little while since we’ve […]

Volume 04 – Episode 08 – What’s Happenin’ Cincy?

There’s always a ton of things going on in this city, events… releases… beer drama.  It doesn’t matter which week you explore, each one is as exciting as the previous.  This is what makes an episode like this fun.  Due to a short notice cancellation, I had to scramble to put this show together (without […]

The Return of Braxton and Graeters Black Raspberry Chip Stout

In what was the biggest beer release that Cincinnati has ever seen (and maybe ever will see?) Braxton and Graeter’s first teamed up to create the first Black Raspberry Chip Stout back in early 2017.  The event grew beyond what anybody from either company could have possibly expected, and while I think they were happy […]

Christian Moerlein – A Month of Releases!

Woah… so if you’ve been getting antsy for new cans to hit the shelves from Christian Moerlein, this is going to wind up being a really good month for you.  I’ve written about all three of these (yeah, they’re releasing three beers in cans this month) separately, but we’ve got dates on them all now, […]

Things Are Getting “Stouty” Over At Moerlein With This New Can

Stout fans will be pretty happy to see this label approval.  Especially as the weather keeps pounding us with relentless wintery cold.  It’s stout season, folks! I guess I should start this out with my standard disclaimer – this is a label approval.  You know how this works by now.  It doesn’t mean that it […]

Braxton Dead Blow w/ Coffee

Brewery – Braxton Beer – Dead Blow With Coffee Style – Tropical Stout ABV – 7.2% IBUs – 27 For this beer, we’ve taken our Starter Coffee Blend and added it to Dead Blow Tropical Stout during the brewing process.  The result is the perfect balance of bitterness and sweetness paired with the delicate roast […]

Braxton’s Dead Blow With Coffee Finally Gets In A Can

From the very beginning of Braxton pouring Dead Blow in their taproom, there was a fun thing that people did… they ordered it with a little squirt of their cold brewed starter coffee in the glass.  I was first introduced to this concoction as “Blown Starter” and I fell in love.  Quickly soon afterwards it […]

Paradise Wrath Of The Tsar

Brewery – Paradise Beer – Wrath of the Tsar Style – Russian Imperial Stout ABV – 10.5% Thank you for purchasing our first bottle release.  We know you will enjoy our smooth, dark, malty classic.  This is our Russian Imperial Stout, aged in locally sourced whiskey barrels for 6 months.  Serve at room temperature with […]

Braxton Is Releasing Claus In Bottles

I hope you’re a Dark Charge Day veteran.   If you are, you’ll remember one of the fun releases from last year’s Winter Block Party was their Claus Peppermint stout, a really fun twist on a Christmas beer.  The brewery announced today that they’re not only releasing the beer in bottles this year, but that […]

Streetside The Demogorgon

Brewery – Streetside Beer – The Demogorgon Style – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout ABV – 13.1% Imperial Stout aged in Heaven Hill Barrels This beer is the result of taking the brewery’s “Where’s Barb?” Imperial Stout and stashing it away in heaven hill barrels for a while.  To keep rolling with the Stranger Things references, […]

Streetside’s Anniversary Party, A Year In The Making

It seems so hard to believe, but one of this city’s favorite “newbies” is turning one this weekend.  Streetside Brewery is gearing up for a big birthday bash that will honor their first year in business with exactly what makes them so awesome – Beer. I’ll give you a few reasons that you are going […]

Newport Is Foaming At The Brim With Corruption

That’s right – you read it correctly – Newport’s very own Wooden Cask Brewing company is gearing up for their next bottle, and their first barrel aged release, Corruption.  I’ve been extremely excited about how they have been doing things down there, and when they invited me down to have a quick sneak peek at […]