All About Woodstone Creek

Woodstone Creek gets not only the nod as the first distillery to reopen after prohibition here in Cincinnati – but they were the first to do so in all of Ohio… and one of the first to do it in the entire country. These guys are the OGs of what it means to be a ‘Craft Distillery’.

If you want to know about who they are, what you have put front and center is the idea of DIY. Owner and distiller Don built his pot still by hand, and for years the team of his wife and he ran the wine, spirits and mead business when no one else was doing anything like it here in Cincinnati.

It’s easy to overlook the little guys like this when you have massive operations with big, shiney tasting rooms and distilleries popping up around town – but don’t. The folks at Woodstone are doing things in a way that some times might be harder or more complicated – but they are doing it with the right intentions, and doing it extremely well.

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January 4, 2019
Arnold’s is excited to announce the release of Hugo Arnold’s Bathtub Gin from Woodstone Creek Distillery. The Gin was created by Master Distiller Donald Outerson and will be available in 14 liquor stores throughout Cincinnati as well as at select bars and restaurants. The gin is an homage to former…