Triple Digit Chickow!

Beer-TripleDigit-ChickowBrewery- Triple Digit
Beer- Chickow!
ABV- 10%
IBU- 28

Chickow! Is to Cincinnati beer as the Carew Tower is to Cincinnati as a city.  It’s a staple of beer drinkers… Getting it’s own national holiday, and a league of extraordinary drinkers that are in a club to celebrate it’s very existence.  The original formula is as popular as it’s many variants that you’ll see pop up at Listermann/Triple Digit on draft and in bottles from time to time…

Double Brown Ale doesn’t even begin to describe this fantastic beer.  It pours a dark Mahogany color and holds a big light tan head that covers the glass in a thick sticky lace as you sip it down.

Aromas dance in a combined swirl of hazelnut, sweet chocolate and a hidden fruitiness that sits right behind it all providing a delicious olfactory complexity.

And the flavor… Oh the flavor.  It sits all over your palate, with a sweet combination of nuttiness and chocolate filling the mouth with a flavor that is almost chewy and grainy.  This is a beer that begs to be sipped at 10%, but goes down so easy that it proves itself to be quite the dangerous friend.





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