Christian Moerlein Fifth and Vine Oktoberfest

Moerlein-5thandVineBrewery- Christian Moerlein
Beer- Fifth & Vine
Style- Oktoberfest
ABV- 5.3%
IBU- 19

You’ve discovered a Moerlein dedicated to the dreamer in all of us. When pigs fly, Oktoberfest Marzen will flow from the fountains. Until then, we offer you this world-class brew which celebrates the Oktoberfest season with hopes that the dream continues forever. A lightly toasted character with a touch of sweetness and deep copper color make Fifth & Vine Oktoberfest a great destination for the season.

During Oktoberfest season, Cincinnati shows it’s true colors in celebrating it’s German heritage by hosting some of the greatest Oktoberfest events that you can find in the United States. Along with the events, you can find some truly wonderful Oktoberfest beers around town.  The fall season tends to overshadow these Marzen beers with the slew of Pumpkin beers that come out about the same time. I implore any beer drinkers to hold off on the pumpkins until you have celebrated the season with some great Oktoberfests first.

Christian Moerlein Fifth and Vine is one of the best in my opinion… it’s malty and sweet with a crispness and light toasted character that makes it go as good in the heat of a warm September Saturday afternoon as it does on a chilly October evening around a campfire.

Holding on at 5.3% means this is a beer that you can drink a few of without suffering the negative side effects that alcohol can sometimes impart on it’s drinkers.

A true gem of Cincinnati, one can only hope that as the legend states, there will come a day that this beer flows from the fountains downtown, even if it states it will happen “when pigs fly”  we all know that in Cincinnati, that dream is closer to a reality than it might be anywhere else.



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