Braxton Oktober Fuel

braxton-oktoberfuelBrewery- Braxon
Beer- Oktober Fuel
Style- Oktoberfest/Marzen
ABV- 5.8%
IBU- 20

Fall means football, tailgating, festivals, crisp air, and cool evenings. It also means good beer. Germany’s Oktoberfest begins in September and ends in early October. For years, many breweries have been making this traditional German lager to celebrate the occasion. Braxton is excited to introduce its first annual Oktoberfest Lager — Oktober Fuel.


This traditional fest style beer has a beautiful orange-ish, copper hue, complex malt aroma with a faint malt sweetness, and slight spicy hop characteristics of noble hops.  It is malt forward with a touch of noble hop spice. It’s fuel for Fall.

It’s not easy to put out an Oktoberfest beer in a city like Cincinnati.  For as many beer drinkers who are still drinking that fizzy yellow stuff, there is a massive amount of craft drinkers who know their stuff, and even still a huge amount of German beer fans.  These Cincinnatians like to use the fall to embrace their German Heritage during all of our Oktoberfest Celebrations, and with Oktoberfest comes a lot of beer.

These people know their Oktoberfest beers.

Not that I doubted the talent behind he beer at Braxton to put out a traditional Oktoberfest that turns heads, but this one really surprised me at how fantastic it was.  They came out with it quickly after releasing their Twisted Bit lager, and right after letting us know that they were diving head first into the lager world like no one in Cincinnati had really done before (aside from maybe Hofbrauhaus.)  Not only were they going to do a lot of lagers, they weren’t going to cut any corners to do so.

My Thought’s On Braxton’s Oktober Fuel.

If I pick up an Oktoberfest beer, I want a malty, sweet, drinkable beer.  I expect a lager that is fit for a hot summer afternoon, or a cool fall night as well.  That’s a tough balance to nail.  Oktober Fuel hits it right on the head, though.

Aromas of sweet breadiness are touched with a hint of floral spicy German hops.  It smells like a fall afternoon should, and it begs to be drank with food.

The taste is a lot f the same breadiness with a soft hop character.  Easy drinking, but full bodied and solidly fulfilling if you’re looking to sip on something as well.

This is a wonderful beer, and I couldn’t imagine Braxton improving it beyond what is in my glass right now.

Oktober Fuel





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