Rhinegeist Emergency Malt Kit

rhinegeist-maltkitBrewery – Rhinegeist
Beer – Emergency Malt Kit
Style – Scottish Ale
ABV – 7%
IBU – 22 IBUs

With our second collaboration, we bring you respite from the chills of winter with a deeply complex, rich and malty lumberjack of a brew.  This scotch-ale-meets-Belgian-dark-hybrid descendent of Mastadon and Wee Macklemore aims to embrace your palate in a flannelly, chocolatey, enormously malty two-state bear hug and warm you to your core.

After collaborating in the summer of 2015, longtime friends Sun King and Rhinegeist almost started this beer as a joke.  The first collaboration was called ‘Emergency Hop Kit‘ and the joke to make a beer called Emergency Malt Kit started getting kicked around.  However… as these things tend to go in the beer world, Jokes turned into a great beer.

The idea was to take Sun King’s ‘Wee Muckle’ Scottish ale, and create a hybrid of Rhinegeist’s ‘Mastadon’ Belgian Dark Ale.  I don’t know where these ideas come from, but I’ll be damned if it’s not pretty tasty stuff.

My Thoughts on Rhinegeist Emergency Malt Kit

What a beer.  This is really one of my favorites that I’ve tasted in a while from “The ‘Geist”.  This is a malt lover’s dream come true.

It’s a really pretty copper color in the glass with a thick but small off-white head that sits on top.

I get a nose-full of aromas that hit some of my favorite high points… raisins, honey, toast and a bunch of bread.

Taste is full bodied bursting flavors of bread, with a really unique sweetness from the Belgian side of it’s personality.  It’s got a really great lingering finish that makes this a perfect beer to sip on in the evening in front of a big fire.

Well done, Rhiengeist… well done.





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